E.H. Arogno x Elina (GERMANY)



ELITÄR was premium stallion at the Trakehner approval 1995 in Neumünster. Elitar presents himself very noble, typical for his sire Arogno.

ELITÄR shows the desired rectangular frame in wonderfully dry texture and aristocratic posture. His diligent walk with even rhythm, zestful trot and a good gallop are features of his high dressage talent

ELITÄR's sire elite stallion Arogno was a very typey and tasteful stallion with intelligent expression, very harmonious external Elitearproportions and first-class movement style. His character and temperament are correspondingly outstanding. These are very convincing saddle horse characteristics.

Arogno is going to be a dominant sire for post-war Trakehner breeding. He produced, despite initially limited breeding chances, several approved sons of striking quality, and he has a number of top mares among his numerous daughters. Arogno's offspring is attested best rideability in general.

Maternal sire was Antares, a stallion with impressive bone-strength and entire calibre. The dominant stallion Impuls appears in his pedigree several times.


ELITÄR's offspring are mostly very typey, of sufficiently strong conformation and fundament and outstanding in litheness and impulsion of movement.

His fast-growing foals show a well-proportioned body with dry texture. The heads are characterised by a good eye, fitting neck, good frame and the fundament is remarkably correct and sometimes even rather strong with well-developed joints. ELITÄR foals' gaits please through their accentuated stance force.

The stallion already has some very good offspring active in breeding and sport, eg approved son Minetti.