(Kazmere Armani x Shirley P) 1999



Laharrah is the stallion that started our stud, he was just a foal at foot when his dam was inspected and classified for Trakehner breeding. The German Verband President asked numerous questions about the colt, only to be told to his disappointment he was not a Trakehner, we discussed the colt at length and I was advised to keep this colt entire as long as he was going to be kind as he was a definite stallion prospect, to date Laharrah has never been any trouble and I thank Klaus Witlich for the advice as I have not regretted listening to this gentleman.

Laharrah stands at 16 hands and has the most amazing big flowing movement which all his progeny inherit, a super nature which is just such a joy to work with he constantly amazes me with his ability to listen to instructions and follow them to the letter to help out.
Although only lightly shown he is never out of the wide ribbons when ever he attends a show and his progeny are no different they all have his superb nature and x-factor.

Laharrah is a registered derivative WB stallion and has his derivative Arab registration pending.







Lahrrah Laharrah
Laharrah Laharrha