Libelle (Falkensee x Liebesgabe) 1993

Libelle was purchased as a weanling to be my riding horse and later be a foundation mare for the stud, I love her so much that I have never parted with her, she is a joy to have around. She is a fantastic mother and passes her laid back attitude and lovely paces on to all her progeny.

She was pulled from the paddock to be ridden for the first time in 9 years on 31 December 2010, we took her out on a road ride, and she never put one hoof wrong, reliable, quiet and sensible I love that about her.
InDec 2011 she was entered in the Le Cust (a cowboy challenge) however I had ruptured a disk so was unable to ride her in the Le Cust and I asked Merrilyn Willams to take my place, Merrilyn had not ridden for many years and was a little concerned so I told her not to worry as Libelle had not been ridden for a year - she gave me a look of horror and I told her she would be FINE... Libelle went on to complete all the challenges without hesitation, posting a letter with baloons blowing about on the letter box, the wooden bridge, the tarpolen and the mattress, the fly screen, shooting aliens and fishing for rubber ducks, nothing was a bother, needles to say the other competitors were impressed by her and her super temperament and Merrilyn could not stop smiling from ear to ear. This little horse is a superb friend and this temperament passes on to all her progeny.


Woodfieldpark Savannah (WP La Croix x Shirley P) 2005

SavannahSavannah is the grand daughter of the fabulous Libelle and she too has the amazing laid back attitude, in 2009 I thought it was time to start her under saddle, without any pre-handling we took her from the paddock and introduced her to saddle and bridle, she was very relaxed in fact so relaxed she rested a hind leg and looked as if to say "are you going to get on or not?" so we did, she rode of like she had been doing it for years not one bit of tension she just accepted it, this seems to be very true for all of the La Croix progeny who through his dam and him self carry an amazing temperament. In 2010 I presented her to the German Trakehner Verband and she was awarded premium status - something I am very proud off considering she had damaged her back as a yearling and so looks a little odd, but her movement is breathtaking despite the obvious damage.




Mosaic (Kasimir (GER) x Marcella) 2007

MosaicMosaic is my first frozen semen filly to be born from frozen semen, and what a stunning mare she has become, she is very expressive in all gaits, at the 2010 classification I had her inspected as a gangly two year old, Matthias Werner from the German Trakehner Verband was very impressed by her and scored her a massive 56 points (80%), and proclaimed her to be a world class horse stating that her score would only improve with age and certainly now that she is older she has filled out any visitor to the farm alwasy comment on "that is a NICE horse" she stands out and knows she is stunning. She will be sent away during the winter of 2012 to Rory Mc Tavish to be started under saddle, I cant wait to compete her when she comes home.





Shirely P (Melyno x Fleet Princess) 1993Shirely P

Shirley P has been with the stud since 1998, she has produced the stunnning multi supreme stallion
WP Laharrah, the stallion (now deceased) WP Candries and Savannah a premium warmblood mare.

Shirley P has a superb nature, elastic movement and a fabulous front end, she is truly elegant and passes this on to all her progeny, I am very fortunate to have found her and I hope to breed her to WP Luxurious in 2012 followed by WP La Croix (full progeny to Savannah) in 2013.