18 April 2013

Well it's been a month since the last update what has happened since then - we attended the Oxford show with Herzrauber and Mosaic where they were placed and well behaved.

I also attended the Christiane Slawik photography work shop, and had a great time learned a few new tricks and have put those into practice with a beach shoot with Luxurious and Nicole Martin, who rode him bareback, they had a great time and the photos were pretty cool I will put some up very shortly.


16 March 2013 Methven Show:

There were so many factors that fell apart for this show that we nearly did not make it, the normal team had their own issues to deal with and but thankfully they did come to help get the two ready, followed by finding replacements for them selves to run them out at the show, the two fill ins were Pip, and Aaron, thanks a million guys for stepping in to save the day.

Aaron was in charge of Woodfieldpark Herzrauber (aka Buddy) and came away with a 1st in the yearling class, and a 2nd in the paced class
a very pleasing result.

Pip was in charge of Woodfieldpark Mosaic, and also performed very well, looks like Mosaic has gotten over her stage freight and happily trotted out for Pip, 2nd in the warmblood class, 2nd in the mare class, 3rd in the paced class and Reserve Champion so a good effort by these two newbies and the horses they did not really know.

thanks to Merilyn and Nicole for putting in the hard work and making sure these two horses were a pleasure to have out.


3 March 2013

Nicole and Ludwig attended the beginner showjumping day at Flaxton , they were a great little team, and came home with a second and a third placing and a HUGE smile.

4 February 2013

Wow where has last week gone, it was super busy here on the farm with all sorts of people coming and going, so nice to see people enjoying the company of my horses as much as I do.

I do have some very exciting news to share with you all, Shirley P is confirmed in foal to Luxurious and should foal at the end of Sept, (not that far away)..for those that were keen on a Luxurious baby this could be your chance to own one out of a very special mare...I can't wait to meet this little baby...if your keen send me an email...


23 January 2013

Thank you to those who suggested that I should look at a electronic order form, its proven to be very very well received!

I promised that I would update more regularly so here I go, Ludwig has been taken on by a capable young lady who seems to enjoy his personality they have been making progress in the last week or so and we look forward to their adventures they are about to embark on.

La Croix has also been brought back into work he had 2 years off to recuperate and he is looking better than ever, we will bring him back in slowly but hope to have him out and about in time for winter series dressage.

Herzrauber has also recovered from his leg injury and its healed well there will be some scaring but if you had seen the injury you would understand that it was going to be a scar.

We are off to the NZ National Show Case show on the weekend with Mosaic her second show no doubt it will be interesting we will keep you posted on the results.


16 January 2013

I have had a few request this week to automate the Photography Order Form, so what you need to do now is, write down the photo numbers you want, go to the photography tab, find the pricing tab which show the order form, click on that and hey presto its automated, complete the form and submit it, it will automatically be sent to me, I will process your order after your payment has been sighted in my account. As this is new if you find you have not received them please drop me a e-mail as something may have gone wrong although I have tested it from various browsers and it worked for me, having said that some thing can still get broken.


8 January 2013

Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy the new layout and feel, if you find any issues please let me know!

Hopefully the new tabs are easy to navigate around as we found that the old website just had way to many buttons so we decided to simplify it, it should prove easier to find all the things you are looking for.

I realise a lot has happened in the months that I have not updated the website, so lets see if I can be better this year!