Hohenstein x Tanzerin V (GERMANY)


TAMBOUR is the premium stallion of the Trakehner approval 1998 in Neumünster From the start, this outstanding bred black horse Tambourshows a demanding compulsion with corresponding carrying capacity and balance.
Very aristocratic presentation, clear type and harmony between poll, neck and withers, back and croup. Inner values are reliability, strength of character and overall view."
(Conformation protocol of Lars Gehrmann, breeding director of the Trakehner association).

Besides being used in breeding, TAMBOUR is professionally trained, supported by Gisela Gunia and Fabian Lipsky from Uslar as well as Christoph v. Daehne and Cora Jacobs from Norten-Hardenberg.
Tambour was successful in jumping tournaments till class L (4-years-old). He was jumping horse champion of the Trakehner association in 2000. In dressage, TAMBOUR is meanwhile professionally trained for the heavy class. His successes so far show that he has a great potential for both sport fields - and this is passed on to his offspring. At the age of 6, TAMBOUR was already awarded the title "elite stallion candidate".


Tambour's exceptional performance talent is pre-traced by the first-class genealogical table. The sire, elite stallion Hohenstein I, was successful in dressage tournaments to the heavy class and has made himself, besides spectacular highlights in Trakehner breeding (amongst other champion stallion Münchhausen) a name as sire of highly talented dressage horses, particularly in the Hanover breeding area. The highly priced dam, premium, state premium and elite dam Tänzerin V, was best three-year-old of the central mare approval in Schleswig-Holstein 1991, overall champion of the regional mare show 1994 at Bad Segeberg and, in the same year, Ia award winner of the national mare show at Warendorf. With travel and Thalys, a full brother of Tambour, she also produced two other approved sons. Her father Consul was one of the most important Trakehner sires of post-war times and distinguished himself as versatile main sire of highest quality, which got him the title "elite stallion". His activities in Hanover warm-blood breeding were crowned by success, too, he is, for example, the maternal sire of the approval champion Don Frederico. The grand dam elite mare Tilsit III was one of the most important mares of recent Trakehner breeding. Her three sons tenor, Tivano and Tuareg are all given the title "elite champion".

The great-grand dam Tip-Top, dam of the stallions Tiparillo, Tipperary and Topfit, was still used in Hessian warm-blood breeding when of a ripe old age. Her Hessian daughter Leantila produced the champion of the Hesse approval, Luxander, by Luxus. The well-known stallions Delacroix Rose (Schwaiganger), Domenico (Warendorf), Tarino (Holstein), Timber (Rhineland., Lower Saxony), Trabant (Switzerland), Tradition (USA), Trajan (Rhineland, Holstein), Tschad (Rhineland-Palatina) come from the Trakehner main stud stock of Tapete 694 which can completely be dated back until the beginning of the 19th century.

Own performance:

Tambour was premium stallion of the Trakehner approval 1998 in Neumünster and passed 1999 the stallion performance test in Prussendorf, performance class I. He was successful in jumping tournaments and jumping horse tests class A and L. In 2000, he was jumping horse champion of the Trakehner association. Supported by Christoph von Daehne, he is professionally trained for dressage class M by his constant rider Cora Jacobs. As six-year-old, he was awarded with the title elite stallion candidate.
Heredity: Tambours foals were, without exception, awarded a prize to. In 2002, he was the sire of the most expensive mare at the Trakehner auction in Neumünster (award fee: 19.000 Euro).
This was to be repeated in 2005 with the Champion Stallion Herzensdiep who sold for 275 000 Euros.


His progeny are all of a dark colour and are nearly all prized. To use the premium stallion Tambour means to set the course towards market and success in order to breed typey horses which prove a success in sport
He made his debut with two consecutive years of outstanding foals, who were true to type, large framed with wonderful eye, and they impressed with classical harmonious body parts outstanding topline ,they present them selves with strong movement and are elevated throughout each phase of the movement. All of the progeny show even rhythm and good balance they are alert curious and easy to handle with laid back attitudes.
His daughters dominated the mare register in 2004 this secured him one of the ranks amongst top sires as a "Mare" producing stallion. He achieved high ranks for the characteristic type upper part of the body, and overall impression assessment of "canter" his daughters secured him the 4th rank with 142 indices, and with an overall index of 134 he was placed an impressive 14th amongst the top sires of German Trakehner Breeding this result was achieved after his first two crops of foals.
As a result of the breeding value assessment of the Deutsche Reitliche Vereiningun (FN) the Trakehner Association and the Hesse Horse Breeders he has received outstanding breeding values of more than 130 indices for dressage and jumping and belongs according to the FN statistics to the best 5% of all stallions used in Germany.
During his first year of service Tambour was the most frequented young stallion of natural service in Trakehner breeding, In 2001 he served for AI at the Haupt-und Landesgestut Marbach. Since 2002 Tambour has been available via Frozen semen to mare owners